Microsoft has announced that they will begin a game streaming service, called Project xCloud, that is set to allow streaming of Xbox One titles across computers, phones, and other mobile devices. They are currently testing the project, with public tests coming in 2019.

“Today, the games you play are very much dictated by the device you are using. Project xCloud’s state-of-the-art global game-streaming technology will offer you the freedom to play on the device you want without being locked to a particular device, empowering YOU, the gamers, to be at the center of your gaming experience,” the Microsoft blog post reads.

Game streaming has been a multi-year journey, according to the company. The idea behind game streaming is to allow for more powerful games to run on lesser hardware by doing the bulk of the computing on the back end – via company-run data structures – which should mean that gamers can use nearly any kind of compatible hardware to run games of their choice. Game streaming has already been done on some other devices, with some game publishers having streamed big games to the Nintendo Switch earlier this year in Japan, but this sort of service has not yet been available in the U.S.

Microsoft’s announcement follows Google’s similar streaming service announcement, called Project Stream.