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If you’re a Bond fan, then you already know there’s more than enough trivia to fill any number of books. This particular one, written by Tom DeMichael, includes a foreword by Eunice Grayson, who as Sylvia Trench was the first Bond girl, and it's an enjoyable read if you're into the subject (frankly, we've been Bond fans long enough we can't even pretend otherwise).

James Bond FAQ jumps back and forth between styles. At points it is serious and factual, and at other points it’s opinionated and just shy of snarky. These are neither reasons to read or not to read it. It's just something to be aware of going in. If this was the only book on the subject, we’d actually say pass on it, but because it’s not, and because there are frankly so many books on Bond, this one seems refreshing in its identity.

It’s a little too in love with Connery (the very phrase is heresy to some 007 enthusiasts), but it’s a fun read and a great way for Bond fans to spend the afternoon.