Archie Comics; $3.99

The Blossom siblings are fully moved in to Riverdale and are concerned primarily with one thing and one thing only – getting revenge on Veronica Lodge. And how do they plan on accomplishing that? With Cheryl setting her eyes on Archie, of course. After teasing him with an anonymous text message, she sends him a series of lavish gifts, including baseball tickets and a brand-new Stratocaster. And while Veronica has realized Cheryl’s plans, will she make it back to Riverdale in time to put a stop to them?

Archie is starting to hit a stride here with this story arc. With Veronica back in Riverdale and the truth behind Cheryl’s predicament out in the open, we might finally get some classic Archie vibes in the coming issues. Mark Waid’s writing has been consistently excellent since issue #1 and I look forward to what he comes up with next.

-Carrie Wood