BOOM! Studios; $3.99

Quite a lot happened in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #13. Goldar has learned that Finster is creating a new version of himself to serve Rita and since Goldar is still trying to prove himself to her, he goes along with the plan. Also in that universe the Power Rangers are training and trying to figure out a way to get Billy and Tommy back when they get a call from Alpha 5.

In the other universe, Billy and Tommy try to prove who they are to Aisha, Trini, and Zack. The Rangers of that world are hesitant to believe them, even with Saba vouching for who they are. While they try to make sense of the current situation Drakkon, Scorpina, and their army get ready to attack the coinless.

Kyle Higgins certainly didn’t skimp on story in this issue. More characters were introduced, and the Rangers who were left behind were featured more than in the past few issues. What could’ve been too much in one comic flowed well from one part of the story to the next.

The art by Hendry Prasetya and colors by Matt Herms continue to be very good. This particular storyline is a bit dark and dreary, which is reflected in the art. The pair continue to set the stage for what is likely going to be a huge fight between the good Rangers and the one who turned evil.

In the backup story “The Ongoing Misadventures of Squatt & Baboo” they plan to use a Interteletransporterizer to stop the Power Rangers and reestablish themselves in Rita’s good graces.

-Amanda Sheriff