BOOM!; $3.99

What time is it? Time to hop aboard the Adventure Time express and head on down to the Land of Ooo. A magical place where Princesses, hero quests, and puns are never in short supply. In this latest issue of Adventure Time Comics, some of the industry’s greatest cartoonists continue to lend their talents to your fan favorite characters.

When Finn and Jake find themselves in an ultimate battle tournament, their fighting, and their friendship, is put to the test. Will one of them emerge victorious…do they even want to? Another day, another fiendish villain to defeat. This time Finn and Jake must lend their talents to defeat a diamond monster terrorizing Ooo. Then join Finn on a leisurely Sunday morning stroll to visit a friend’s ancestral spring. Finally, in Third Eye, help Princess Bubblegum return the Oracle to her supreme soothsayer status.

Jorge Corona (We are Robin), Nicky Soh (Horizon Anthology), K.L. Ricks (Remnants), and Christine Larsen (Regular Show) have each created hilarious stories full of breathtaking imagery. Head over to your local comic shop to pick up your copy today!

-Braelynn Bowersox