Titan; $3.99

When we last saw the Doctor, Rose, and Jack, the popular trio was working tirelessly to restore Jack’s forgotten memories. However certain things, especially where the Doctor is concerned, are easier said than done. After unlocking some of his past life, Jack is on a mission to right several of his misdeeds as a Time Agent. Particularly, stopping his past self from erasing the criminal Zloy Volk from the timeline, using an eradicator gun. Unfortunately, things go south, and while Zloy Volk is very much alive, Jack was seemingly erased.

Now it’s up to the Doctor, Rose, and newcomer UNIT Lieutenant Tara to figure out how things went so terribly wrong. Using the experience sphere, Rose is able to step into the Doctor’s memories to relive the moments before Jack’s apparent death. It appears Jack wasn’t hit by the eradicator gun, but rather beamed away via a transmat. After tracking the signal to Planetoid 94025, better known as Nomicae, the new trio begin their search for the most suave Time Agent ever. But what they find at the bottom of this rabbit hole will leave readers gasping for air. Don’t miss out, grab your copy today!

Cavan Scott has once again taken readers to the edge of their seats, while simultaneously pulling the wool over their eyes. Meanwhile the dreamlike art by Cris Bolson and Adriana Melo brings the entire adventure to life.

-Braelynn Bowersox