Marvel; $4.99

The latest installation in Marvel’s Generations anthology series sees Ironheart, Riri Williams, suddenly warped to a future she is wildly unfamiliar with – one where her mentor, Tony Stark, happens to still be alive and kicking at 126 years old. And he’s also the Sorcerer Supreme, so that’s new. In any case, Riri gets a taste of the future she can look forward to, one that involves alien horticulture and a generally peaceful society.

The Generations books have shown the relationship between the various incarnations of legendary Marvel heroes in some interesting ways. By thrusting Riri unexpectedly into the future, this story highlights the paternal relationship that Tony has with her in a way we haven’t seen before – one that’s a little more heartfelt than what we’re used to from Tony. I don’t know that it packs quite the emotional punch that some of the other Generations books have, but The Iron is certainly worth a read.

-Carrie Wood