KaBOOM: $3.99

What time is it? Excitement time! I have been anxiously waiting for the second issue of the six-part Adventure Time and Regular Show crossover. When we last saw Finn and Jake, the heroes had embarked on an epic journey to find the Power needed to save the Land of Ooo from the Master of Division. Through a series of hilarious events, Ice King, Lumpy Space Princess, and Marceline join the two heroes in the Park.

You’d think the double trouble of Finn and Jake with Mordecai and Rigby would make finding this Power easy. Nope. Tension quickly overflowed, threatening to tear these bros apart…forever. To make matters worse, the trip to the Park had some unsavory effects on Marceline. Remarkably, Skips knew just how to handle a trans-dimensional vampire freak out. Skip also revealed that he knew where the Power is, but finding it won’t be a simple task. Can these misfits work together long enough to find the Power, or will this crossover go up in flames?

Conor McCreery contines to pen a masterful combination of two of Cartoon Network’s greatest cartoons. Coupled with the dreamlike art by Mattia Di Meo makes this is a can’t miss issue. Grab your copy today.

-Braelynn Bowersox