KaBOOM!; $14.99

Oh boy! If you thought the last volume of Adventure Time Comics was overflowing, it has nothing on this new edition. This new volume has not 5, not 10, but 15 hilarious Adventure Time shorts. 

Despite being the Land of Ooo’s greatest heroes, Finn and Jake regularly find themselves in some interesting situations. For instance, accidentally growing an entire garden of “bad boy” radishes. Or stumbling upon a Forgetting Tree and losing all of their memories. The adventures in this collection vary from ridiculous to completely outrageous, practically guaranteeing there is something for everyone. My personal favorite was Jarrett Williams’ short, “The Princess Rap Battle.” If the hilarity of the Princesses battling one another with sick rhymes wasn’t ridiculous enough, did I mention the show was hosted by the Ice King? What are you waiting for, grab your copy today! 

This collection features the literary and artistic talents of Rii Abrego, Zachary Clemente, Cat Seaton, Jenna Ayoub, Jorge Corona, Nicky Soh, KL Ricks, Christine Larsen, Jarrett Williams, Grace Kraft, Parabot, Lucie Ebrey, Cole Ott, Kit Seaton, Diigii Daguna, Nicole Andelfinger, Irene Flores, and Joey McCormick. 

-Braelynn Bowersox