DC; $2.99

Future Tim Drake has infiltrated the Batcave and activated the tech system Brother Eye to kill Batwoman, whom he blames for unseen future events. Present Tim Drake leads the fight against his future self, following him to the Belfry where Batwoman has been sequestered for protection. As the two versions of Tim argue and fight over the possible future, the rest of the team are faced with hostile drones and Bat-tech that are being guided by Brother Eye.

It’s an all hands on deck situation in this conclusion to the “A Lonely Place of Living” storyline by James Tynion IV. It’s certainly a weird situation – murderous Batman, evil future self – and he does make some unsettling comments about future events outside of his exclamations that Batwoman is the cause of their strife. But future Tim makes present Tim contemplate things he’s already wrestled with, regarding his position as a superhero. It seems like this event will have a lasting impact on Detective Comics and it’ll be interesting to see where they go from here.

-Amanda Sheriff