IDW; $3.99

The Star Wars Forces of Destiny comics are presenting one-shot stories about popular characters from the series. In this week’s offering, IDW presents a story about Rey, the plucky heroine introduced in The Force Awakens.

The story takes place in the smidgeon of time after she’s met BB-8 and before she joins the Rebels. Living on Jakku, Rey is a salvager who spends most of her time alone. But, once BB-8 enters her life it becomes a bit more exciting – including outsmarting a Nightwatcher Worm and trying to help him find his master with a trip to Nima Outpost while protecting him from being stolen.

Rey’s is a tale of solitude, which is established well in this story by Jody Houser with art by Arianna Florean and colors by Adele Matera. Readers get a sense of the loneliness in her life, though it’s not without some excitement. An all-ages comic, it illustrates the value of quick thinking and virtue of selfless bravery without going over the heads of younger readers.

-Amanda Sheriff