BOOM! Studios; $3.99

After disobeying direct orders and fighting the invading Sharg forces on their own, Yu, Park and the rest of the cadets are relieved of their piloting duties in lieu of another important job – janitorial duty. Though they’re grounded in every sense of the word, the cadets realize that their temp gig in the cleaning crew is just as important as fighting the Sharg, especially when they realize that most of the invading aliens showed up with eggs in tow. And though they gain an appreciation for the janitorial staff, they still manage to sneak in some late-night combat training… and also find a shocking surprise back at the base upon their return.

Though this issue of Mech Cadet Yu is pretty calm compared to the previous two, it advances the story in a compelling way, and the lack of actual action doesn’t mean that it’s any less compelling. The pause in the action helps to act as somewhat of a breather after the high-octane fourth issue, and the drama brewing beneath the surface is still palpable. This is a series that should be considered an absolute must-read for any fans of classic mecha anime, or for just anyone looking for a solid story that just happens to include some cool giant robots.

-Carrie Wood