KaBOOM!; $3.99

Rocko has reached the point of absolute desperation on his job search, going so far as to sell his soul in order to find employment. Now working in Heck for none other than Peaches himself, Rocko endures a long day of orientation, only to return home to the absolute chaos caused by his “tenant,” Chalmers. Unhappy at work and at home, Rocko reaches his breaking point – but comes up with a clever solution that works for Peaches, Chalmers and even Rocko himself.

The Rocko’s Modern Life comic book manages to perfectly capture the wackiness of the original show while still being accessible to younger readers who may not have been around during the cartoon’s run. This issue also features a delightful backup story from David DeGrand, focusing on Rocko and Heffer as they attend a comic con to predictably chaotic results.

-Carrie Wood