Dynamite; $3.99

Things are looking dire in The Shadow Batman #5 (of 6). The Shadow has been captured by Khan and is being tortured both physically and emotionally by the former Shamba-La resident. Damian is locked in a life and death fight with his grandfather Ra’s Al Ghul hoping that help is on the way. And while the action is happening, Batman is frustrated at the Batcave hoping that his heightened detective skills will help him find his son and his current partner.

This issue by Steve Orlando was equal parts exposition and torture. The Shadow and Damian could be killed at any moment as they learn the depth of Ra’s and Khan’s abilities. Batman, a man of action, is beyond angry that he is being outsmarted and thwarted by the criminals as he tries to find a way to them.

This miniseries has been steadily interesting in each issue with a complicated story, worthy of the title characters, and enough exploration of their personalities to be more than just a slug fest.

-Amanda Sheriff