KaBOOM; $3.99

There’s a reason the expression “be careful what you wish for” is so popular, unfortunately no one ever seems to remember the warning until it’s too late. Finn and Jake are the latest casualties of a wish gone wrong. All the boys wanted was so much needed, and deserved, down time. After saving the Candy Kingdom for the 100th time, they desperately wanted to visit the new Adventure Town Theme Park. While there, they met a Wish Witch who promised to grant their greatest desire. 

Armed with brand-new clones to tackle the tedious hero work around town, Finn and Jake partied it up in the Adventure Town Theme Park. After weeks of relaxation, the boys become bored of their new heroic-free lives. Fortunately, trouble is never far behind these adventurers. Maggee, the Wish Witch’s assistant, warns Finn and Jake the horrible danger their new doubles pose for the Candy Kingdom. Desperate to save their friends, Finn and Jake return to the Candy Kingdom to get rid of their doubles. But what can they do when they realize everyone else likes their doubles more?

Kevin Canon has crafted yet another hilarious adventure that any fan of the show is sure to enjoy. Coupled with the wonderfully cartoonish art by Joey McCormick, makes this a can’t miss issue. 

Braelynn Bowersox