IDW; $3.99

It’s an adventure on the high seas for Donald Duck and his cousin Fethry. Uncle Scrooge has gotten them jobs working on a luxurious cruise with a bunch of well to do, very rich passengers. The catch? Uncle Scrooge forgot to mention that aside from the captain, the two boys are the only crew members! Donald and Fethry are stuck getting drinks, providing entertainment, finding whatever passengers need, making dinner – you name it, they have to do it.

“The Bad-News Bruise Cruise” by Rudy Salvagnini was a cute, gag-filled story for Donald and Fethry. The premise gets more and more absurd as the boys try tirelessly to keep things running smoothly for the demanding passengers on the cruise. It’s perfectly silly with just a smidge of Donald’s trademark temper to instigate plenty of laughs.

-Amanda Sheriff