IDW; $3.99

While exploring a spooky bookstore, Mia and Ginny walked through a backdoor that led them to the terrifying Horrorland. Slappy, the notorious Goosebumps puppet, chased the girls through the nightmare park and they found an ally in the small monster Irk. But, they aren’t safe yet – especially when Irk drinks a barrel of monster blood and gets very big and very scary.

In the conclusion to the miniseries, Mia and Ginny must try to make supersized Irk remember that she’s a good monster and their friend, before Irk crushes them in her giant fist. Slappy wants to turn the girls into minions of the park to scare other kids, and if that’s not scary enough, they encounter a monster in a very familiar visage. Can the girls get out safely or are they doomed to haunt Horrorland?

Jeremy Lambert wrote a very entertaining Goosebumps miniseries. It told an original story using the method perfected by R.L. Stine in his kid horror series while incorporating popular characters in the title. It doesn’t skimp on the scares, but is still age appropriate for kiddos – and the grownups who read the original series.

Chris Fenoglio and Brittany Peer provided art and colors, respectively, that are detailed and fun. The haunted park and its residents are spooktacular with a tidbit of comical flare and the colors give it that funhouse eeriness that’s perfect for a kids’ scary story.

-Amanda Sheriff