Marvel; $4.99

Previously, Jane Foster was able to cement her legacy as Thor by throwing the Mangog (and Mjolnir along with it) directly into the sun, dying, and being resurrected by Odinson. Now, her legacy is explored in a couple of ways – one, with Odinson’s future daughters traveling throughout time in order to find her, and two, with a certain dark elf already plotting against her future.

This issue serves as both an epilogue to Jane’s run as Thor as well as a prologue of what’s coming in the future with the War of the Realms. It’s a celebration of everything that Jane was able to accomplish as Thor (as well as what the creative team had been able to do with that book). The events put in motion with the second half of this book are sure to be interesting, even though they won’t be starting until next year. But this book serves as a nice exclamation point on Jane Foster as Thor and is certainly worth a read.

-Carrie Wood