Marvel; $3.99

As part of his repentance for having acted as an assassin for Hydra for all those years, Bucky is now working on his own (with a little bit of help) in order to help other Hydra defectors start a new life. But his path crossed with that of a kid, R.J., who had been trained as a living weapon by Hydra and modeled after Bucky with the sole purpose of killing Bucky. Now, Bucky has taken R.J. under his wing – but while R.J.’s body is healing, his spirit is another issue.

This Winter Soldier series so far has been full of a lot of raw, tough emotion, especially for Bucky. He has not only been forced to look his failures in the face, but now has to convince someone else that what he’s doing is eventually going to be worth it. His relationship with R.J. is really compelling, and I think this might be one of the better Bucky-focused narratives ever written if it continues at this clip.

-Carrie Wood