Marvel; $3.99

R.J.’s father is dead. Though it’s not directly Bucky’s fault, he feels responsible for what happened, and still feels the weight of his duty to do right by R.J. Unfortunately for Bucky, one of R.J.’s old Hydra cohorts got to him first – and he has photographic evidence purporting to show that Bucky purposefully murdered R.J.’s dad. R.J. now must make a decision regarding his past, his present with Bucky, and the future that lies ahead of him.

This Winter Soldier miniseries has been honestly incredible. The story is one of the best that Bucky’s ever been in and the hard examination of what he feels is his responsibility in his post-Hydra life can be tough to read through. But add in R.J., in whom Bucky saw so much of himself – for better and for worse – and you have the making of a deeply affecting narrative as written by Kyle Higgins. Rod Reis’ artwork with an honestly masterful use of color creates an atmosphere unlike any other comic book on shelves. If you missed this series, definitely pick up the trade once it’s available.

-Carrie Wood