BOOM!; $3.99

McGraw’s father passed away rather unexpectedly, and in his grief the already-introverted guy withdraws into himself even further, leaving Susan to deal with a lot of the aftermath. Fortunately for Susan, though, Esther and Daisy are around to attempt to cheer her up. Though Susan tries to pay that good will forward to McGraw, she finds herself unable to make it happen due to her own inexperience with grief. But a group trip out to the countryside may be just what he – and everyone else – needs.

Giant Days is a very good, very relatable series that I have enjoyed very much since issue #1. But this might be one of the best issues yet, just in terms of the raw emotion it packs within its 20-some pages. The fashion in which McGraw processes his father’s death is a pretty hard read, but it’s one that will likely resonate with anyone who’s lost a loved one unexpectedly. This story also helps give McGraw a level of depth that I thought he was missing, and he comes off seeming like a more well-rounded person as a result.

-Carrie Wood