Collecting vintage toys and trading cards is a thriving industry with lots of great material hitting the market. Collectors hunting for this type of memorabilia in need of a new source, should check out rachfalenterprises.com.

The website is categorized by items listed on eBay, graded toys, Indiana Jones, Lego, movie props, non-sport cards, Star Trek, Star Wars, and TV/movie related items. Customers can peruse pages of archived products and check out specials. There’s also a helpful tab that conveniently converts price amounts into different currency.

Brian Rachfal, the owner of Rachfal Enterprises, has specialized in rare vintage Star Wars and non-sport gum card collectibles for nearly 30 years. The company works to help both experienced and novice collectors. Rachfal Enterprises also strives to help collectors better understand the full value and potential of their collections, so they can make a better informed decision when it comes to selling, presenting options of direct purchase by the company, auction or consignment, according to Rachfal.

Rachfal Enterprises is also looking for items for the family’s private collection. They are currently offering $200,000 for the Kit Bashed rocket firing Boba Fett that is pictured in early Kenner photography. There is also a $20,000 reward for information leading to its acquisition by the company. For more on the reward, contact Rachfal at www.rachfalenterprises.com, by email at rachfal30@aol.com, or by calling (916) 780-1908.