Scoop's audience comes from two sources, our email newsletter and web traffic. The newsletter audience is comprised of 100% serious collectors and dealers, and those who come to us through search engines range from curious civilians to other veteran pop culture enthusiasts.

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Type of Ad 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months
Full Skyscraper
(120 x 600)
$200 $575 $1,075
(728 x 90)
$175 $500 $975
Vertical Banner
(120 x 240)
$100 $275 $525
Full Banner
(468 x 60)
$100 $275 $525
(120 x 90)
$50 $135 $275
Button 2
(120 x 60)
$35 $100 $200


What is Scoop? Scoop is a free weekly e-newsletter which looks inside the world of collecting with a focus on auctions, toys, comics, posters, art, and anything and everything pop culture!

Who reads Scoop? Scoop readers consist of collectors, historians, business owners, buyers, sellers, and other enthusiasts interested in pop culture. Many readers are seasoned collectors who spend what it takes to complete their collections, hence Scoop's focus on nostalgia.

Why advertise? You can reach serious, experienced collectors! Scoop editors will also feature articles about your company, such as promoting events and new products. 

Where will my ad be located? When you reserve ad space, you reserve space on all pages of Scoop, including the homepage, section pages, and article pages. Ads will rotate with a maximum of three other ads. Your company's ad will also appear on all Scoop archives - increasing your company's presence on Scoop and on the web!

We accept jpeg, gif, or flash formats. If submitting flash please include the .swf file.

Website ad policies: All website advertising is subject to approval before acceptance. We reserve the right to reject any ad that it feels detracts from the image of Scoop, or competes with our products or services, or is offensive to readers, or detracts from our mission.