The Comic Book Club of Ithaca is preparing for the 44th annual Ithacon, to be held Saturday and Sunday, March 23-24, 2019 at Ithaca College’s Emerson Suites. To prepare for the 60th anniversary of The Twilight Zone, and to celebrate the life of Finger Lakes native, Rod Serling, Ithacon is developing several special events for this year’s comic convention. 

This includes a Twilight Zone Crossover & Mini-Marathon. Ithaca College’s Park School students honor the legacy of The Twilight Zone by creating their own short films based on minor characters in episodes from the original series. The four original Twilight Zone episodes used for inspiration will also be screened: “A Stop at Willoughby,” “The Silence,” “I Shot an Arrow into the Air,” and “Penny for Your Thoughts.” 

Several rare items from the Serling Archives will also be on loan and on display for attendees to view, celebrating the incredible creativity and fascinating life of Rod Serling. In honor of Serling’s genius and the 60th anniversary of the Twilight Zone, attendees are invited to create their own Rod Serling inspired monologue in the Mockulogues Contest. 

Contestants will be given time to prep and present their creation, and will be judged on various categories, including creativity. This event will be held at IC Square at Campus Center starting at 6 PM with the chance to win major prizes.

Nick Parisi, author of Rod Serling: His Life, Work and Imagination will be a featured guest. He will also be interviewed during an Ithacon Author’s Panel on Sunday at 1 PM in the Taughannouck Falls room near the Emerson Suites Exhibition Hall. 

As is tradition, Ithacon will host a lineup of comic industry professionals, guests, including Walter Simonson, Louise Simonson, Tom Peyer, Jamal Igle, Bill Schanes, Craig Yoe, and Sid Friedfertig. Award-winning authors including Tamora Pierce and David Gerrold will also be in attendance. 

More information on Ithacon can be found on their official site and Facebook page. Admission and parking are free for this event.