The CBCS crew is continuing their 2019 on-site grading events at Dallas FanDays October 18-20, 2019. A limited number of on-site grading slots are available and are offered on first come, first served basis.

To help get books back as early as possible during the Dallas FanDays, CBCS is offering an early drop off for customers. Customers wishing to take advantage of this opportunity can drop off their comics at their 4635 McEwen Road facility in Dallas.

The early drop-off schedule is Wednesday through Friday, October 16-18 from 10 AM to 5 PM. To reduce wait times, those interested in having books graded can schedule an appointment with customer service.

CBCS will be extending on-site grading services as well as accepting regular submissions starting October 18.

All of the CBCS grading tiers will be available for on-site grading including their Authentic Signature Program (ASP). Books submitted for on-site grading will be returned by 5 PM on Sunday. Witnesses for the Authentic Signature Program will be available at the CBCS booth at a first come first served basis.

Pricing for on-site comic book grading is broken down into tiers: Modern (1975 - present, max value of $250) is $25; Expanded (1974 and older, max value of $250) is $40; Consumer (any age, max value of $400) is $45; 2-Day Modern (1975 - present, max value of 2,000) is $60; Quickstream (any age, max value of $1,150) is $75; Rapid (any age, max value of $4,000) is $125; One Day (any value) 2.75% of FMV min. $200 - max $2,750; and original art is $25.

Note that all ASP books add $5 to the above. Also, re-holders and Verified Signature Program are not available for on-site grading. Once the limited number of books has been reached the on-site grading service will be cut off. Booth representative can provide information on cut-off times and restrictions.