The 20th annual Baltimore Comic-Con is returning on October 18-20, 2019 and ahead of the show, the con has announced the additions of Russ Braun, Brenden Fletcher, Karl Moline, Bart Sears, Brian Stelfreeze, and Peter J. Tomasi. 

Braun has been drawing comics for 30 years, with a 7-year break for a stint with Walt Disney Feature Animation. He’s worked for most of the major comics publishers on everything from Batman, Swamp Thing, and Fables for DC/Vertigo to Son of Satan and Where Monsters Dwell for Marvel. He is perhaps best known for his frequent collaborations with Garth Ennis, on their creator-owned Jimmy's Bastards, The Night Witches, Sixpack, and Dogwelder, and particularly on The Boys, now a hit TV series on Amazon.

Fletcher is a bestselling writer of comic books and animation. His current projects include Isola and Motor Crush for Image Comics, as well as the upcoming Robotech comic series relaunch for Titan. Previous work includes DC Comics’ Batgirl of Burnside, Gotham Academy, and Black Canary. Fletcher contributed the acclaimed Flash story to Wednesday Comics, co-created the Power Rangers: Pink miniseries for BOOM! Studios, and contributed to Ghost in the Shell: Global Neural Network and the Attack on Titan Anthology for Kodansha. 

Moline has been a professional comic book artist working for all of the major comics publishers over the last twenty years. He is best known for his work on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and co-creating Fray with Joss Whedon, but has also worked on titles such as Superboy-Convergence, Avengers Arena, Avengers Academy, Rogue, Route 666, Daredevil 2099, Loners, Seekers of the Weird, Hulk Smash, Avengers, B.P.R.D., and Spider-Man Unlimited, among others.

Sears has accomplished much in his years working in the creative arts. His works have been published in every major comics publisher, many smaller press publishers, and he even had a running feature in Wizard Magazine on drawing instruction called “Brutes and Babes.” He designed action figures and packaging at Hasbro and ToyBiz, and has served in leadership roles in comics companies like CrossGen and his own Ominous Press. His recent work can be seen on covers for titles such as Valiant's Rai, Dynamite Entertainment's John Carter: Warlord of Mars and Turok, and DC Comics Deathstroke

Stelfreeze, one of the original Gaijin Studios members, is a multi-talented artist, with experience and credits penciling, inking, coloring, painting, and even writing. His comic book covers have gained him much attention, and his run painting covers on DC Comics Shadow of the Bat for over 50 issues is noteworthy by itself. Stelfreeze’s creative output can be found on BOOM! Studios Day Men, Marvel Comics Black Panther, and BOOM! Studios The Signature Art of Brian Stelfreeze.

Tomasi is a writer and editor best known for his work at DC Comics. He began his career editing such titles as Green Lantern, Batman, Aquaman, Hawkman, and JSA before being promoted to Senior Editor. Tomasi later decided to move from editing to writing full-time and took over writing Batman and Robin with issue #20. Since the launch of the New 52, Tomasi has helmed the new volumes of both Batman and Robin and Green Lantern Corps. His The Bridge: How the Roeblings Connected Brooklyn to New York from Abrams is a 2019 Ringo Awards Nominee for Best Non-fiction Comic Work.

“These guys are all-stars,” said Marc Nathan, show promoter for the Baltimore Comic-Con. “These guests have worked on significant comics across the industry, and it will be hard for their fans to make tough decisions as to what to bring to get signed in October. We cant wait to have them to the show!”

More new additions to the growing roster of talent attending the show include Jeremy Bastian, Josh Blaylock, Mark Buckingham, Buzz, Jim Calafiore, and Richard Case.

Bastian is the creator and illustrator of Cursed Pirate Girl from BOOM! Studios and Archaia Comics. He is renowned for his delicate detail, whimsical characters, and strange creatures. Cursed Pirate Girl beckons to the 19th century in both subject and style. He has also contributed to Guild: Tink from Dark Horse Comics, Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard from BOOM! Studios/Archaia Comics, Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream from Locust Moon Press, and Under the Moons of Mars: New Adventures on Barsoom from Simon and Schuster. His Cursed Pirate Girl Annual was released by BOOM! Studios.

Founder/publisher of Devil’s Due Comics, Blaylock has played a role in influencing the comic book and pop culture industries as far back as 1998. His recent works include the supernatural action series Mercy Sparx, historical Armenian genocide thriller Operation Nemesis, and the political anthologies AOC and the Freshman Force: New Party, Who Dis, and Talk Bernie to Me. Devil’s Due Comics itself is known for reboots of G.I. Joe, Voltron, and Micronauts in the early 2000s. 2020 sees the release of Blaylock’s newest original series ArkWorld.

Buckingham, best known for his work on the long-running Vertigo title Fables, began his career in 1990 working with Neil Gaiman on Miracleman from Eclipse Comics. Working on such titles as 2000 AD, Hellblazer, and Shade, the Changing Man, he became a mainstay at DC Comics after taking over art duties on Fables with issue 6. His run on the popular imprint title has earned him four Eisner Awards, including Best New Series in 2003, Best Serialized Story in 2005 and 2006, and Best Artist/Penciler/Inker in 2007.

Buzz is a comic book artist known for his work on JSA, Atomika, Vampirella, Luna, X-Factor, Impulse, and many more. A very popular and sought-after commission artist among the art collectors and the comic book convention circuit, Buzz is also a multi-Emmy award-winning commercial artist who has worked with CBS, Fox, Los Angeles Lakers, and The United States Marine Corp. Buzz is currently working with comic art legend Neal Adams on several special projects for DC Comics and more.

In 30 years working in comics, Calafiore has spent extended time at Valiant, DC, and Marvel, notably on Peter David’s Aquaman, Judd Winnick’s Exiles, Gotham Underground with Frank Tieri, Red Lanterns with Charles Soule, various Batman books, Deadpool, and Black Panther. After a run on the critically acclaimed Secret Six with Gail Simone, they reunited with for their creator-owned Kickstarter success Leaving Megalopolis, and volume 2 of the saga, Surviving Megalopolis. Volume 3 is in the works.

Case has been drawing comics professionally for quite some time. In addition to illustrating Grant Morrison's run on Doom Patrol, he has contributed to titles like Dr. Strange, Sandman, Shade the Changing Man, Sensational Spider-Man, and Batman '66. Most recently, he worked with Peter Milligan on a modern day adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s Fall of the House of Usher, wherein the House in question is the White House. 

“These ‘Bs and Cs’ are all A-gamers,” said Marc Nathan, show promoter for the Baltimore Comic-Con. “They are all respected artists who have had a major impact on all corners of the industry. From fantastical to the political, their influence is unmistakable. Their fans won't want to miss them!”

For more information on the upcoming con, or to purchase tickets, visit baltimorecomiccon.com