Eva Ink Artist Group/Pros & Cons Celebrity Booking has announced a series of virtual experiences in partnership with Fayetteville Comic Con. These experiences with media and comics pros also include the chance to buy products and collectibles.

The events include Dynamic Figure Drawing with Rags Morales on July 4, Beauty & Brains with Joycelyne Lew and Ric Myers on July 5, Jim Shooter on the history of Marvel on July 11, Invader Zim reunion with Rikki Simons, Eric Trueheart, and Aaron Alexovich on July 12, zombie king Arthur Suydam on July 18, Bleach reunion with Megan Hollingshead, Michelle Ruff, and Quinton Flynn July 19, Tim Colceri Acting Up! online class on July 25, and Jim Shooter on writing comics on July 26.

Events continue with Veronica Taylor All Things Pokémon on August 1, Butch Patrick and James Marsden Howling at the Moon on August 2, Michael Golden rogue creator on August 8, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reunion with Bobby Herbeck and Kim Dawson on August 9, Alien reunion with Mark Rolston, Michael Biehn, and Ricco Ross on August 15, Yu-Gi-Oh reunion with Megan Hollingshead, Wayne Grayson, and Darren Dunston August 16, Graham Nolan and Chuck Dixon The Bane of Their Existence on August 22, Cynthia Rothrock: the Queen of Martial Arts with Ric Meyers on August 23, Talkin’ Spidey and Beyond with Todd McFarlane and Jim Salicrup on August 29, Happy Space Pop Con Jamboree with Renee Witterstaetter and surprise guests on August 30, and Robert Trebor and the Wisdom of Salmoneus on August 30.

Each event is $4.99, which can be used for any of the ten events in July and August, admission to the McFarlane/Jim Salicrup panel on August 29, 2020, and their wrap up panel with surprise guests on August 30. An all access pass is available for $68.

Once an event is purchased, virtual attendees can submit questions to the guests for the chance to have them answered live. More details are available on happyspacepopcon.com.