Renegade Game Studios has hired Matt Holland as the Sales & Marketing Program Manager to work on community-focused projects. He will oversee programs to bring communities together, focused on upcoming and current game lines. This will include creating experiences, web content, and managing organized play programs for current and future games.

Prior to joining Renegade Game Studios, Holland worked for Asmodee North America, overseeing demo teams at Penny Arcade Expo, Star Wars Celebration, Gen Con, and more. In early 2019 he started work as the Community Coordinator for the Organized Play team at Fantasy Flight Games. In that position, he helped manage communities for games like X-Wing, Star Wars: Destiny, and Legend of the Five Rings.

“Matt brings both experience and enthusiasm to our team. We are so lucky to have him join us,” Sara Erickson, Director of Sales and Marketing at Renegade Game Studios, said. We are huge believers in supporting our communities through tailored programs and unique experiences. Matt brings fresh ideas to the table with the real life experience to back it up.”

I’m a big fan of many of Renegade’s games, so I’m excited to work with titles like Clank! A Deck-building Adventure, Raiders of the North Sea, and Bargain Quest that I’ve been enjoying at home for years. I also look forward to applying my experience with Organized Play to Vampire Rivals, for starters,” Holland said.