The new 2022 edition of the free online guide caters to collectors interested in Canadian Price Variant (CPV) newsstand comics, also known as “Type 1A Price Variant” comics. Coverage this year has expanded to include the Vampirella title along with several other Warren/Harris magazine titles.

Back in 2010, historian and Overstreet Advisor Jon McClure introduced the term “Type 1A” in The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide #40 article “A History of Publisher Experimentation and Variant Comic Books” to describe this type of cover price variant. Collector interest in Type 1A Price Variant comics has continued to build since then, and McClure’s updated variant article was published in The Overstreet Guide to Grading Comics Sixth Edition in 2021.

The first edition of this guide was released in 2017, by McClure, fellow Overstreet Advisors Doug Sulipa, Bill Alexander, and Paul Clairmont, and historian Angelo Virone, in collaboration with Benjamin Nobel of the Rare Comics Blog.  

In subsequent years, Overstreet Advisor and Director of the International Comics Exchange Jay Halstead joined the collaboration team, along with Overstreet Advisor and MyComicShop.com Vice President Conan Saunders, and former CBCS International Comics Specialist Tim Bildhauser. 

This year the Market Reports & Articles section features two articles contributed by Overstreet Advisor and writer for GPAnalysis, Dr. Greg Holland. His articles focus on studying CPV rarity relative to regular copies, across the available CGC census data, and among marketplace sales of CGC-graded comics.

“Back in 1997, I began sharing my research on Marvel cover price variants via Comic Book Marketplace issues #51 (September 1997), #55 (January 1998), and #66 (January 1999),” McClure said. “Three years later all of the 30¢ and 35¢ Marvel variants were listed in The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide. Those are Type 1 variants. I predict Type 1A price variants will be next in line to eventually enjoy the same visibility to collectors. But until then, our team continues to fill the void with our niche price guide covering thousands of 1980s issues where this type of variant exists.”

Together the collaboration team announced the release of their fifth edition, The 2022 CPV Price Guide for Canadian Price Variants (Type 1A), available to read without cost. It has been published online at cpvpriceguide.com.