Beckett Collectibles has hired Kohl Hitt, the founder and CEO of VHSDNA, the VHS grading and certification company. With his hiring, they have acquired VHSDNA’s services and offerings, including grading and authenticating VHS tapes, encapsulation, and loose tape and sleeve touch-ups.

“We’re in a period of rapid innovation at Beckett. Earlier this year we announced our soon-to-be-launched analytics platform for digital and physical collectibles and refreshed our brand design,” Beckett Collectibles CEO Kunal Chopra said. “Today we’re tremendously excited to announce the hiring of Kohl Hitt and the addition of VHSDNA’s expertise to our pricing, grading, and authentication platform. With Kohl on board, we’ll now bring the same gold-standard care, rigor, and quality to VHS collectibles that we are known for in sports, comics, and gaming.” 

“I couldn’t be more excited to join Beckett and grow this hobby I’ve been laying the groundwork for,” Hitt said. “With the Beckett brand and resources, matched with my marketing and consumer trend expertise, I look forward to taking this new segment to the next level.”

Before he founded VHSDNA, Hitt spent decades working in product development. As a collector, he has over 30,000 film and entertainment pieces, including a VHS collection of over 20,000 items.