Hake’s Auctions closed their third premier event of 2022 on November 15-16, with a total of $2.4 million in sales. Star Wars action figures, political collectibles, comics, and original art dominated the auction’s biggest sellers.

The Star Wars headliner was the Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi 12-back-A AFA 75 (double-telescoping/SKU on footer), which reached $79,178. The 3-3/4” tall figure comes with the double-telescoping lightsaber that has a second extendable piece. Kenner only produced three figures with that feature – Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Darth Vader – before the lightsabers were modified to cut costs and manufacturing issues. This figure is additionally packaged with the SKU on the footer and the card is unpunched.

Mickey Mouse was bankable with the 2015 1 kilo Niue gold Steamboat Willie Mickey Mouse NGC PF69 Ultra Cameo proof that hammered for $58,410. Minted by the New Zealand Mint, the coin shows Mickey as Steamboat Willie on one side with the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the other side. A 2.95” diameter piece, it is #23 of just 28 minted coins.

The Return of the Jedi Princess Leia (pink poncho sample) on Hoth Snowtrooper card 48-back AFA 60 sold for $42,834, well over the $35,000 estimate. The 3-3/4” tall figure of Leia is wearing a solid pink poncho instead of the camouflage poncho that was issued on the final production. The figure is attached to an Imperial Stormtrooper/Snowtrooper (Hoth battle gear) card, which is partially punched but the hang tab remains in place.

One of the top action figures was the Jawa 12-back-A AFA 80 vinyl cape variety that went for $27,126. This early version of the figure was issued before the cape was replaced with one made of cloth. It is on an unpunched card.

The Empire Strikes Back IG-88 12” Series painted hard copy prototype brought $23,558. The 15” tall prototype has been painted in a color scheme close to the final production paints, minus the black accents.

A circa 1940 Cartier Pinocchio gold and enamel charm bracelet reached $21,676. The 7-1/2” long 14k gold link bracelet has six 14k charms depicting Jiminy Cricket, Geppetto, the Blue Fairy, Figaro, Pinocchio, and Cleo. The charms measure approximately 3/4” and faithfully replicate the characters from the film.

Thor’s debut led the comic sales when Journey Into Mystery #83 CGC 5.5 sold for $20,766, just over the $20,000 estimate. This important Silver Age key features a story by Stan Lee, cover and art by Jake Kirby, and additional art by Steve Ditko.

The art listings were anchored by the Action Comics #333 splash page 1 original art by Al Plastino that netted $17,500. The 13-1/2” x 20-7/8” artboard shows Superman punching through the midsection of Lex Luthor’s robot. The distraught police officer who is looking on tells him that Luthor had deployed the robot to return all of the bank loot stolen by Luthor in previous schemes.

The biggest results from the first part of the auction were dominated by political memorabilia, starting with the “Don’t Tread on Me” Civil War era Confederate Gadsden flag that sold for $28,556, over the $20,000 estimate. The 18” x 25” glazed cotton flag features a design created by Christopher Gadsden, a South Carolina member of the Sons of Liberty who was present at the first two Continental Congresses. It is among the earliest surviving depictions of the image, which rarely comes to market. This example has long been held in a private collection.

A Benjamin Franklin signed 1786 document when he was president of the Supreme Executive Council of Pennsylvania realized $13,307. The 13-3/4” x 16” partially printed vellum document with the original paper seal is dated January 16, 1786, and signed at the top left. On the document, Franklin issued a land grant to “Thomas W. Kean” for a track of land.

The Willkie tagging Roosevelt “Out at Third” political and baseball button rarity Hake #2037 bested its $10,000 estimate when it hit $12,460. The 1-1/4” button shows a baseball-themed cartoon of Willkie tagging out FDR at third base with the slogan “F.D.R. Y’r ‘Out’ at Third.”

A large, rare Harding and Coolidge real photo jugate button Hake #1 also beat the $10,000 estimate by reaching $11,941. The 1-3/4” button features an eagle and shield emblem between the candidates. It is among the most sought after 1920 GOP jugates and the first Hake’s has offered in decades.

An important and likely unique Davis and Bryan real photo jugate button brought $11,033. The 1-1/2” was originally collected by an Indiana nun in the 1920s who amassed a collection of Davis jugates issued in ’20 and ’24. This is the only example of this button known to have survived.

The Davis Teapot Dome Scandal US Capitol motif button Hake #2021 hit $9,735, crushing its $2,000 estimate. The 3/4” button shows the US Capitol in front of a large teapot with “Copyright F.H. Ray” at the bottom. It is among the scarcest of the several designs referencing the Harding administration scandal.

All prices include an 18% buyer’s premium. All of the top results in Part I and Part II can be viewed on Hake’s website.