Archie and the gang are heading to India where they meet new character Prasad Arora, a Bollywood star who catches the eye of both Betty and Veronica. The Archies in India graphic novel by Bill Golliher and Dan Parent will be in comic shops in January 2023.

“Bill Golliher and Dan Parent have a long history at Archie and always know how to bring a new face to the gang in the right way,” Archie Comics Editor-in-Chief Mike Pellerito said. “Prasad Arora has a great first appearance to build from, and I’m looking forward to more stories with him. Given Dan and Bill’s long track record of creating top notch stories and having enjoyed several trips to India themselves, this story really sings.”

Prasad will be an ongoing character at Archie, who was inspired by the creators’ trip to India to meet fans.

“I visited India in 2019 after writing and illustrating an earlier Archie story set in India,” Golliher said. “I loved the country; the people were so warm and kind. It was also great to see the amount of interest that everyone has in the Archie characters and the creators. I have friends I made then that I am still in touch with on social media. I can’t wait to get another chance to visit.” 

“As much as India loves Archie, we love them right back,” Parent said. “The feature film from Zoya Akhtar will be another milestone, furthering the relationship between Riverdale and India for years to come!”

“Archie has been hugely successful in India for generations,” Pellerito said. “This book showcases a lot of what makes Archie such a hit and we’re really thrilled to have an exclusive new story and a new character for this collection.”

The Archies in India will be in comic shops on January 25.