Daredevil, Tintin, and Krazy Kat set new records in Heritage’s recent International Original Art & Anime Auction. Held on March 10-12, 2023, the auction was completely sold out, bringing in a total of $3,155,731.

The Man Without Fear sparked a bidding war for Frank Miller’s Daredevil #185 cover, which sold for $225,000. The cover, which has two images of Daredevil, comes from his celebrated run that helped revive the title. It is signed by Miller, interior penciler Klaus Janson, and then Editor-in-Chief Jim Shooter. This cover is now the most valuable work by Miller outside of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.

“It’s no surprise that a uniquely American creator like Frank Miller should set a world record in an International Comic Art and Anime auction, as his creations are among the most admired and imitated worldwide,” Heritage Director of International Comic Art & Anime Olivier Delflas said. “It was an absolute thrill to see collectors vie for this work alongside those of Hergé and Osamu Tezuka.”

The auction contained two Tintin works by Belgian artist Hergé, getting plenty of attention from bidders. Tintin Album à colorier #5 cover art for the coloring book featuring Tintin and Captain Haddock hammered for $175,000. A modified rendering of the cover of the 1941 collection, The Crab with the Golden Claws, it is now the most valuable Tintin art that didn’t first appear in a comic. The second work was the 1963 cover of Album à colorier #6, showing Tintin surrounded by the series’ six most important characters, including Snowy and Haddock. It closed at $43,750.

Many classic comic strip characters appeared in the auction. The original Winsor McCay Little Nemo Sunday comic strip from January 24, 1909, showing Flip inviting Nemo to observe the pitcher’s talents in a 20-panel strip, reached $109,375. George Herriman’s Krazy Kat Sunday comic strip from October 16, 1938, depicting Krazy Kat getting her big break in show business, rose to $71,875.

Marvel and Miller had additional impressive outings, following the Daredevil cover. John Romita Sr. and Jim Mooney’s Amazing Spider-Man #69 page 11, pitting Spidey against the Kingpin, hammered for $143,750. A Miller double-page splash from 300 #4 realized $62,500, setting a record for the miniseries.

Auction highlights also included Juan Gimenez’s Metabarons #1 title splash page featuring the Metabunker, brought $81,250. Paul Pope’s Batman: Year 100 #1 story pages 1-4 sold for $71,875. An Astro Boy illustration by his creator, Osamu Tezuka, cleared $57,500.