A limited edition sketchbook of Amanda Conner’s work at Dynamite is now open for backing on Indiegogo.

Conner has been working in comics for over 35 years, and one of her early projects was as the primary artist on Vampirella. Her signature style with its cartoon elements has since been used in Dynamite’s Red Sonja, and outside of Dynamite in Harley Quinn, Power Girl, Painkiller Jane, and many other titles.

The Amanda Conner Dynamite Sketchbook features 40 pages of art across multiple stages of completion. It spotlights her early work at Dynamite all the way to recent covers on Invincible Red Sonja, which she also co-wrote with her husband and regular collaborator, Jimmy Palmiotti. For the book, Conner went through her personal art files to provide a look at her design and process on covers, layouts, raw pencils, inks, and final colored art.

“I’ve had a long great relationship with Amanda and Jimmy, going back well over 20 years,” Dynamite CEO and Publisher Nick Barrucci said. “They’re wonderful people, creators, and titans of this medium and industry. We’ve been fortunate to work together in many ways through the years, including Amanda doing work with some of Dynamite’s biggest characters and titles. Having her not only return to Vampirella, but also make her huge mark on Red Sonja has been a joy. We can’t wait for fans to dig into this celebration and behind the scenes look at her unparalleled work!”

The Indiegogo campaign rewards include the Vampirella special edition variant cover that reprints one of her bigger stories starring the character. There’s a trading card set with Red Sonja art, lithographs, a Red Sonja statue, CGC-graded copies, and items signed by Conner. Another add-on is the Invincible Red Sonja omnibus with the 10-issue story written by Conner and Palmiotti with art by Moritat.

The Indiegogo campaign is open now through mid-October 2023.