Vincent Zurzolo and his Metropolis/ComicConnect team will offer an array of valuable comics and original comic art for sale at New York Comic Con on October 12-15, 2023. They will be located at booth #3535 in the Javits Center.

“In addition to the hundreds of Golden, Silver, and Bronze Age comics and hundreds of pieces of original art, our team will happily bring special requests you find on Metropolis Collectibles you’d like to review for purchase in person,” Zurzolo said. “No obligation whatsoever – I can’t bring everything so let me bring a bit of the gallery to you.”

They can be reached at (212) 260-4147 or orders@metropoliscomics.com to request that items are brought to the show.

Metropolis and ComicConnect will also be buying items from attendees, whether that’s one item or an entire collection. They are seeking original comic art, pulps, video games, and other types of collectibles.

They are offering interest free cash advances against the sale of collections in the upcoming ComicConnect Event Auction #56. “New York Comic Con is the last best chance to add your consignments to the next auction – we’ll have cash advance checks ready for consignors, stop by for yours,” Zurzolo said.

Questions about consigning to their auctions can be addressed to their Director of Consignments at robr@comicconnect.com or (800) 229-6387.