Comic creator Christine Larsen is returning to the Orcs for a third and final chapter in Orcs! The Gift at BOOM!’s YA imprint, KaBOOM.

Orcs, Crows, and Elves have formed an unexpected alliance, proving that things have changed since the Wizard was defeated. Two Crows join the band of Orcs on a mission to steal a dragon’s hoard. Elsewhere, a second War of the Beasts is on the verge of happening because of the Wolf King’s grudge against the Orcs.

“I’m stoked to finally reach the culmination of this trilogy, where my characters are put to a true test, and I can test my own ability to balance the dramatic moments and the comedy of this series,” Larsen said. “I hope everyone enjoys this final arc as much as I’ve enjoyed crafting it.”

“Christine Larsen is such a wholly unique voice in the high fantasy world, and I am unbelievably proud to help shepherd in the final chapter of Orcs! for the world to read,” editor Sophie Philips-Roberts said. “It is filled with heart, laughs, and magical misfits and is the perfect capstone to a perfect story.”

Orcs! The Gift #1 has a main cover by Larsen with variants by Erica Henderson (The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl). It will be in comic shops on December 6, 2023.