Humble Bundle and 17 publishers have raised over $1 million in donations for the Book Industry Charitable (Binc) Foundation. That amount has allowed Binc to issue 500 emergency financial assistance grants to help comic and book store owners around the US. This milestone was reached in less than six years.

“We are grateful that these publishers chose to help book and comic sellers in their choice of charity, and we encourage more publishers to partner with Humble Bundle and ‘Think Binc’ when selecting their charity of choice,” Binc Executive Director Pam French said. “It’s a win all around; Binc receives support, ebook readers get great value and publishers gain exposure to new customers – more than 12 million around the globe.”

Binc named several publishers who supported book and comic sellers through Humble Bundle, including Abrams, Adams Media, AdventureKEEN, BOOM! Studios, Chronicle Books, IDW Publishing, Image Comics, Kodansha, Mango Media, Morgan & Claypool, No Starch Press, Skybound Entertainment, Skyhorse, Sourcebooks, Springer, Stone Bridge Press, and Wiley. In 2018, Chronicle Books chose Binc as the charity for a Humble Book Bundle, and the proceeds from the first two ebook bundles garnered $72,941 donations.

Humble Bundle supports charities by offering limited time collections of games, ebooks, software, and more. Consumers donate what they can for the content and choose where the money goes. Over 47 million bundles have been sold since 2010, which has raised over $240 million for charities.

“Working with Humble Bundle to sell discounted backlist ebooks in our Summer of Adventure promotion proved to be a successful way to reach new customers while supporting our favorite industry charity,” AdventureKEEN Director of Sales Meredith Hutchins said. “In just two weeks AdventureKEEN generated $6,000 for Binc. It is gratifying to know that the promotion’s proceeds directly helped independent booksellers across the country through Binc.”

“Over the course of our relationship with Binc, which began in the thick of the pandemic, we have been thoroughly impressed with their attention to the shops and individuals they serve,” Kodansha USA CEO Alvin Lu said. “We are very happy to work with an integral player who supports the vital heart of the book and comic industry.” 

Those interested in learning more about Humble Bundle or how to choose the Binc Foundation with a Humble Bundle can email kathy@bincfoundation.org.