Next spring Oni Press is releasing an interactive adventure graphic novel that allows readers to determine the story with 16 possible endings. Choose Your Own Adventure: Forecast From Stonehenge is a detective exploration of London’s underground to find the secrets behind Stonehenge in a story by Stephanie Phillips (Harley Quinn), with art by Dani Bolinho (Choose Your Own Adventure: Journey Under the Sea).

While visiting the famous monument, readers will attend a solstice event held by a disguised group of druids, and meet the wizard Alistair, the fairy Elaine, and woodland nymph Liandra. The story centers around a magical scythe that ends up in the reader’s hands, who will determine if the people they meet are friends or foes.

“I was excited to help bring a choose your own adventure story to comics and expand the audience of readers who get to experience this fun and unique format,” Phillips said. “As a kid, I loved CYOA stories because they allowed me to take an active role in the story being told, and thanks to Dani Bolinho’s art I think readers will absolutely feel like they are being pulled into the world of Forecast from Stonehenge.”

“I fell in love with the Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid and it’s thrilling to see those original stories adapted for graphic novels readers,” Oni Press Editor-in-Chief Sierra Hahn said. “All the fun, mystery, and intrigue are delightfully captured in Stephanie and Dani’s revisiting of Forecast From Stonehenge.”

This is the third officially licensed Choose Your Own Adventure graphic novel and is based on the Forecast from Stonehenge prose book from ChooseCo. It will arrive in stores on April 30, 2024.