The holidays will be even more spellbinding this year with the Sabrina The Teenage Witch Holiday Special. The one-shot comic is written by Kelly Thompson (Captain Marvel) and artists Veronica and Andy Fish (Spider-Woman), with a backup story by writer Danielle Paige and artist Veronica Johnson.

“It’s a total joy to return to Sabrina’s world, and doing it with Veronica is the only way I would have wanted to come back,” Thompson said.

“Going back to Sabrina’s world, getting to work with Kelly and the Archie team is truly something special. These kinds of opportunities are rare, and I’m very grateful for them,” Veronica Fish said.

Thompson and Fish are returning to the series they created in 2019 featuring a modern interpretation of Sabrina Spellman as she learns how to wield magic and protect her small town of Greendale. The Sabrina Holiday Special picks up on that series with Sabrina and her friends at boarding school trying to stop an otherworldly monster on the Winter Solstice – which happens to be an important holiday for witches.

“It’s a pleasure to return to the world of Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” Archie Comics Senior Director of Editorial Jamie L. Rotante said. “And what better time to do so than the Solstice, a time of rebirth and celebration? I’m so excited to dive back into the beautiful world Kelly Thompson and Veronica and Andy Fish created for Sabrina, this time taking her to a new school and witnessing a new chapter in her life. I know the rest of the world will be as excited to spend some quality holiday time with Sabrina as I am. ‘Tis the season for bewitching!”

The backup story by Paige and Johnson will feature the younger versions of Sabrina’s aunts Hilda and Zelda as they break coven rules to attend a school dance on the longest night of the year.

“I’ve always been obsessed with Sabrina’s Aunts, the witches that helped shape her into the character that we love so much,” Paige said. “So, stepping back in time and getting to see a young Hilda and Zelda making magic and maybe a little trouble was truly an honor for me as a writer and a forever fan.”

“This is our first time working with artist Veronica Johnson, and we’re so excited to bring her into the fold and see her take on the Sabrina universe,” Rotante said. “Veronica is doing a bewitching job on her designs of Hilda and Zelda at Sabrina’s age!”

Sabrina the Teenage Witch Holiday Special will arrive in comic shops on December 13, 2023.