Allan Asherman, the former DC Comics librarian and science fiction author, died on Friday, September 22, 2023, due to injuries sustained after a serious fall. He was 76 years old.

As the DC librarian, he oversaw the extensive archive of published books, which are used as resources by editors and researchers. He started with DC as an assistant editor, working with Joe Kubert, Bob Kanigher, and Joe Simon. Asherman also worked in editorial roles across different titles and in the department that stored their film negatives for reprints and international usage.

He wrote the linear notes for the Superman TV show soundtrack, and he helped work on the Superman on Radio: Smithsonian Historical Performances, which included having the original transcriptions from the 1940s remastered and archived at the Library of Congress.

The writer, historian, and noted collector was born on April 21, 1947. He started writing in college, producing movie reviews for his school’s newspaper. That segued into writing for The Seldon Scene sci-fi fanzine and then Star Trek fan publications. He also wrote articles for The Amazing World of DC Comics and The Monster Times.

During a break from working at DC, he wrote The Star Trek Compendium, additional Star Trek-based books, and Star Wars – The Full Story: The Making of the World’s Greatest Space Adventure Movie.