Oni Press is teaming with Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah’s production company SpectreVision on a new horror and sci-fi comic imprint. High Strangeness will focus on stories that are influenced by documented cases of paranormal activity.

“Accounts from experiencers of the paranormal suggest a vast, interconnected narrative unfolding at the farthest reaches of human experience – from UFOs, to cryptid sightings, to patterns of synchronicities that point to an invisible architecture underlying our reality,” Noah said in a statement. “As an experiencer myself, I know firsthand that the world of high strangeness can have profound implications. We’re galvanized to explore this remarkable space with our partners at Oni.”

“Comics feel uniquely suited to explore this wide-ranging spectrum of paranormal phenomena, utilizing the limitless possibilities of the medium to give shape to the often gaussian accounts of what cannot be explained through traditional means,” Wood said.

“Over the past decade, so many members of the Oni team and greater comics community have been inspired and influenced by SpectreVision’s extraordinary body of work. Together, we share a mutual fascination with the extremities of human understanding – where aliens, poltergeists, demons, fairies, and other entities all seem to extend like fingers from a hidden hand,” Oni Press President & Publisher Hunter Gorinson said. “Through the uniquely powerful lens of comic storytelling, we intend to tell an array of stories exploring these multiple manifestations, but rooted in the same common understanding: Reality is thin around the edges... and if we press hard enough in exactly the right places, it just might shatter.”

Podcaster Jim Perry, who hosts the audio documentary, Euphomet, will be the creative consultant for High Strangeness. Oni Press and SpectreVision did not disclose any details on the creative teams or titles that will appear in the line. High Strangeness is set to debut in 2025.