Now live in the Apple Store and the Google Play Store, the updated Overstreet Access app includes an added image scanner that users will love. Just take a picture of the cover and the app will identify the issue, giving you quick access to detailed issue information, current Guide prices, and the ability to add it to your collection.

An instructional video will be available soon, and beta testers have found it very intuitive even without the video. Overstreet Access trusts that users will let them know what they think.

The app has also added new title meta data to the title detail screen, a new “view prices” button to issue listings on the title detail page, and new issue/variant meta data to issue detail pages.

In addition to what you can do in the app, Overstreet Access will launch the new cover scanning for mobile browsers as well in the days ahead.

Overstreet Access has also added a new announcements section and new collection reports to the user dashboard. Many, if not most, of the additions have been based on user feedback, and they’re always looking for what’s next.

If you’ve been waiting for this to sign up for Overstreet Access, the wait is over!