Dynamite is working with Blowout Cards on a set of exclusive ThunderCats #1 comic covers influenced by iconic issues of the 1990s.

Tom Fish, a representative of Blowout Cards, contacted Dynamite to share his idea for special ThunderCats covers. He pitched creating four connecting covers for ThunderCats that pays homage to the X-Men #1 covers by Jim Lee. Additionally, they discussed packaging all of the covers, similar to Superman #75. To complete the project, they tapped Jae Lee to create the covers.

The end product is four connecting covers and a fifth gatefold cover featuring all of the artwork that will be packaged in a black polybag featuring Blowout’s red logo coloring. This exclusive set of covers is limited to just 1,111 copies. The limited edition Jae Lee covers can be ordered on blowoutcards.com.