The latest special about Charles Schulz’s Peanuts crew follows sweet and friendly Franklin. Apple TV+ released the first trailer for Welcome Home, Franklin, about the boy’s move to a new town and his attempts to make friends.

The trailer introduces Franklin, a military kid who has moved often and finds that making friends can be pretty hard. That is until he meets Charlie Brown, and they enter the soapbox derby. The boys bond while building and testing their car, listening to music, and learning about friendship.

The special acknowledges a moment of controversy from 1973’s A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving in which Franklin, the only Black kid, was seated alone on one side of the table. After Schulz’s passing, his wife Jean stated that Franklin was sitting alone in that scene because he wasn’t as quirky as the other kids, so Franklin’s chair broke to give him a spotlight moment. She said that the scene worked best by giving a clear view of Franklin opposite the other kids. In the trailer, the Peanuts gang gathers for a meal and Charlie Brown tells Franklin that they saved a spot for him.

Welcome Home, Franklin is directed by Raymond S. Persi, who has helmed recent specials including It’s the Small Things, Charlie Brown, Lucy’s School, and One-of-a-Kind Marcie. It arrives on Apple TV+ on February 16, 2024.