A fast driving hot shot is putting the pedal to the metal and her destination is Archie Comics. In April 2024, Daisy Thunder, a talented racer from the Southside Serpents (aka the rival gang) will debut in a story by Craig Boldman and artist Steven Butler. She will be introduced in the one-shot, Archie & Friends: Hot Rod Racing, which collects racing stories from across Archie’s history.

“Racing and cool cars are such a big part of childhood fantasies and part of Archie lore, and we wanted a new character who evoked that feeling with a little bit of danger,” Archie Editor-in-Chief Mike Pellerito said.

In her debut, Daisy will challenge the Riverdale crew to a race that Archie hopes to win in his famous jalopy. Off the track, the story will hint at a messy history between Daisy and her racing opponents.

“I had a rough idea of what we wanted with an invented history of the Southside Serpents going back to the ‘Little Archie’ days, and a look that took inspiration from Evel Knievel, Pinky Tuscadero, and Penelope Pitstop, which Steven Butler perfectly brought to visual life,” Pellerito said. “But I wanted a name before Craig Boldman put it all together. My right-hand man [Archie Comics Production Manager/Associate Editor] Stephen Oswald started listing off cool racing movies with a twist, and we had Daisy Thunder! Craig turned it into something great and Steven went above and beyond. Another amazing character added to the Archie sandbox, and I can’t wait for more.”

“Daisy Thunder is a childhood friend of the Riverdale gang – or should we say frenemy? – who moved away when they were very young. Now she’s back!” Boldman said. “In the intervening years, she’s had an amazing life, owing to her father’s career as a globe-hopping professional racecar driver. He’s ready to settle down and enjoy a slower pace, but it turns out Daisy’s not wired that way.”

Archie & Friends: Hot Rod Racing will be released in comic shops on April 3, 2024, featuring a cover by Steven and Lily Butler with colors by Rosario “Tito” Peña.