Valiant and Alien Books have announced The Resurgence, a comic book event that will take place in the Valiant universe during the summer of 2024. The Road to the Resurgence of the Valiant Universe starts in May, then Resurgence of the Valiant Universe #1 will be in stores in September.

“Meet Doctor Silk: to some, a nefarious terrorist obsessed with power and immortality; to others, a visionary scientist capable of guiding humanity to its next evolutionary leap,” Valiant’s description reads. “But when Doctor Silk forges an unlikely alliance, he gains the means to reshape the very fabric of the Valiant Universe itself, unleashing a threat of unprecedented magnitude. Sinister forces conspire to unravel the universe, and every hero must band together to confront this existential menace. Or must they?”

“As public perception begins to tilt in Silk’s favor, the heroes of Earth find themselves facing a pivotal the fate of existence hangs in the balance, and confrontation between the heroes will be inevitable,” the description continues.

The Valiants four-issue miniseries serves as the prelude to the Resurgence of the Valiant Universe, starting in May. Upcoming titles also include Faith Returns, X-O Manowar: Invictus, Ninjak vs Roku, Bloodshot Unleashed, Rai: The Book of the Darque, Eternal Warriors: Last Ride of the Immortal, The Darques: Soulside, and Archer & Armstrong: Assassin Nation. These titles will debut in May through July.