In a realm where all forms of evil exist with no repercussions, an enterprising group of mercenaries will punish or eliminate troublemakers for a price in D.O.A. INC. LLC. Written by G.O. Parsons (screenwriter, Willy’s Wonderland) with art by Emanuele Tommarelli, the one-shot will be published by American Mythology Productions.

“The whole idea behind D.O.A. INC. LLC came from wanting to cook up more of those fun and wicked characters that I had a blast creating in Willy’s Wonderland,” Parsons said. “There’s just something about dreaming up a new villain that gets me pumped, but let’s be real... I live for seeing those nightmares get their comeuppance, getting pounded into the ground. And when it comes to monsters, horror, and all things creepy and evil, American Mythology sets the bar high.”

The book introduces a tough biker called the Drifter, joined by a crew that is “more eccentric and avant-garde than the last,” according to Parsons.

“Our comic’s all about one thing: good ol’ entertainment. We’re talking action, horror, and loads of blood and guts violence. Plus, we’re keeping the baddies coming thick and fast – zombies, vampires, ghosts, sea beasts, you name it. The D.O.A. squad’s ready to take ‘em down, no questions asked,” Parsons added.

“From the beginning of Willy’s Wonderland onward, G.O. Parsons has established what his fans can expect from him, and if anything, he over-delivers in this one,” American Mythology President James Kuhoric said. “D.O.A. INC. LLC has everything one would anticipate, and then some!”

The D.O.A. INC. LLC one-shot is listed in the May 2024 issue of Diamond Comic Distributors’ PREVIEWS catalog. It will be in comic shops on July 31.