Go on a quest with the US Postal Service. A new set of Dungeons & Dragons stamps are being released as a part of the roleplaying game’s 50th anniversary. The stamps will be sold at Gen Con Indy gaming convention on August 1-4, 2024.

USPS art director Greg Breeding designed the stamps. The set of 20 stamps features 10 different designs and are classified as part of the USPS’ Forever stamps line. The stamps showcase art from The Practically Complete Guide to Dragons, Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons, Wizards and Spells: A Young Adventurer’s Guide, Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide, D&D Basic Set, Beasts and Behemoths: A Young Adventurer’s Guide, Monster Manual, and D&D Starter Set.

The stamps will be available for sale at two locations. They will be sold during all four days of the con at the Indiana Convention Center on the west concourse near the Wizards of the Coast. The Indianapolis Main Post Office across the street from the convention center will hold retail sales on August 1 for collectors who are not attending the con.

Breeding will sign autographs at Gen Con Indy on Thursday, August 1 at 10 AM.