D.S.R. Deep Space Rescue is a graphic novel set in the future when humans are traveling throughout the galaxy seeking and colonizing habitable planets. Written and drawn by Nathan Jeffers, the story follows the first crew that will embark on rescue missions for travelers in need who are far from home. The second installment, D.S.R. Deep Space Rescue Vol. 2: Star-Bound, is now seeking backers on Kickstarter.

“Our story picks up six months after the events of the first volume, Zita and Buxton have made a huge amount of progress repairing the starship Arcadia,” per the Kickstarter description. “Now it’s the height of their home-world Lunara’s winter cycle. Dealing with a frozen landscape hasn’t weakened Zita’s resolve to return to space, but Buxton appears to be getting cold feet (pun intended)! Meanwhile Aleksy struggles with a difficult decision – put his career on hold to join D.S.R., getting closer to his secret crush Zita, or move forward with a hard earned medical practice? Volume 2 will also explore the exciting M.R.L. or Mecha Racing League! It’s time for Zita and the crew to earn their wings...but wait – who is she?!”

The Kickstarter campaign provides context on the characters and the new types of humans who have evolved on other planets. It also teases some of the art that will appear in volume 2. For more on D.S.R. Deep Space Rescue Vol. 1, check out our review on Scoop.

Pledge levels start at just $3 for recognition on the “thank you” page, $10 for a digital copy, two digital wallpapers, and a thank you, and $35 for the physical copy signed by Jeffers, a bookmark, and thank you. They go up to $350, including a physical copy of volume 2, two signed posters, sticker, acrylic desktop standee, bookmark, t-shirt, digital wallpaper, an interior page, and original thumbnail page. Additional extras are a D.S.R. trucker hat, metal water bottle, and physical copy of volume 1.

The Kickstarter campaign’s goal is $5,200; it runs through June 30, 2024.