Dynamite and Humble Bundle are celebrating the upcoming fourth season of The Boys TV series with a limited time digital bundle of all of The Boys comics.

The bundle features all 90 issues of The Boys by co-creators Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, along with the Dear Becky eight-issue epilogue series that revealed origins and backstories for main characters and the titular group. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, the nonprofit organization that fights against censorship and other legal issues that arise in the comic industry.

“Through Humble Bundle, Dynamite continues to offer readers an excellent opportunity to catch up with their favorite comic book series, this time with one of mine as well – The Boys,” Ennis said. “Add in the fact that each and every purchase helps out a worthy charity… well, it kind of sells itself, doesn’t it?”

“Always love supporting the Humble Bumble,” Robertson said.

The entire The Boys Humble Bundle, including all 13 ongoing series volumes and Dear Becky, can be purchased for $18 or more.